Jerusalem, Athens, and Rome

There is a book by this name. But what actually brings it to mind for the moment is that I was in all three cities today, even if in Athens only in a highly qualified sense. I did manage to leave the airport there, though.

I wanted to write a bit about each of the cities but I’ve changed my mind and decided to go to bed instead.

Rome definitely feels the most like home.

One thought on “Jerusalem, Athens, and Rome

  1. […] I have been in Jerusalem and can testify that St. Paul’s claims remain true to this day. Even if it is not “a slave” to the Romans, it remains a rather unhappy city. However, an objection might arise at his point. I claimed above that the meaning of Easter is accessible to unbelievers. But if the joy of Easter is the joy of the heavenly city, then it seems to be inaccessible to unbelievers, or at least to those who do not believe in the existence of heaven. […]


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